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What Is a Care Plan?

A care plan is how you share and coordinate information specific to your loved one with special needs, such as medication instructions, emergency procedures, food preferences, social activities, and more.

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What Is a Special Needs Trust?

A special needs trust is a legal arrangement that allows for loved ones with special needs to receive income while maintaining their eligibility for public assistance benefits such as Social Security, SSI, Medicare, or Medicaid.

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Fulfilling the daily requirements of a loved one with special needs requires more than any one caregiver can offer – it takes a village, and it takes a plan.

Hope Trust’s revolutionary technology enables you to develop a comprehensive care plan that can be updated anytime, anywhere…

Hope Trust is the first and only comprehensive, holistic solution that addresses the unique and ever-evolving needs of loved ones with special needs:

Coordinate Critical Services

Daily Care, Financial, Medical, Social, and Legal Services

Create a Life Care Plan

To detail the Beneficiary’s Nuances: Medical, Legal, Social, and Financial

Quantify the Funding Need

For the Special Needs Trust and Implement a Tailored Plan

Protect Assets

With Special Needs-Focused Fiduciary Services

Work with a Network of Interdisciplinary Professionals

Trained to Support Special Needs Families

We create a better life for families affected by special needs
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Draft a Custom Special Needs Trust

To Protect Essential Government Benefits

Service Level Pricing

Our services have been designed to give you access to a system of care for as low as $0 per month, with several options for customizations and additional services.

$0 /month
No Commitment
$50 /month
24 Month Agreement


Access to Care Planning Tool Partial Complete
Document Vault 5GB 10GB
Budgeting, Income, and Asset Aggregation
Live Bank Account Linking with Asset Aggregation
“Meet Your Trust Objective” Tool
Comprehensive Medication Recordkeeping
Weekly and Non-Weekly Event Scheduling
Permissioned Access for Family, Friends, and Professionals
Service and Medical Provider Tracking
Access Hope Trust Concierge Services Hourly
Access To Fiduciary Services Starting at 85 bps

Onboarding Support

Nurse Case Manager Assistance With Care Plan Creation $600
Complete Support With Benefits Analysis $1,800

Additional Services Support

Special Needs Trust Generation $1,000
Home/Housing Assessment $3,000
Education Assessment $900
Benefits Analysis $1,500
Caregiver Assessment $3,000
Optional Upgrades (For Paid Users) Get Started Get Started
Optional Upgrades (For Paid Users)

How it works

Our free and paid care plans have been designed to give you the tools to simplify the process of caring for your special needs loved one.

Step 1

Sign Up for the Hope Trust App

Register today to access our tools and create your customized care plan and trust documents.

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Step 2

Create Your Care Plan

Complete your intake questionnaire and choose between our care plan tiers, starting at $0!

Optional Steps

Add Additional Services

Choosing our paid plan gives you access to numerous customization options, including housing assessment, benefits analysis, and more!

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Hope Trust serves clients throughout the United States.